International Shipping

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R & Y Tyers Removals – caring for your goods in transit

If you are moving abroad and want to take all your household goods with you, just give us a call. We can arrange secure packing and shipping for everything from your car to your cutlery. For removals in Europe, our experienced drivers can provide a door to door service; if you are heading further afield, we will arrange to have your containers shipped.

Fine art and antiques

R & Y Tyers Removals has experience working with local auction houses arranging the shipment of valuable paintings and priceless antiques. Whether you want something shipped to a private collector, a gallery or an agent, just let us know all the details and we will take care of the rest.
"They did a brilliant job and I can’t praise them enough. Would use them again if need be and will recommend them to my friends."
Antiques shipped
To arrange overseas shipping call R & Y Tyers Removals on
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